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The fabulous r4i offers the user the ability to store extra files on their Nintendo DSi or DS console that they previously couldn't. It is also compatible with the latest DS consoles such as the 3DS.


The gaming industry is a hot one as of late. Many variations of game consoles, such as the Wii, the Xbox, and Nintendo handhelds are all very popular these days. In order to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, there are some new components that can be integrated with your current gaming system that can revolutionize the way you play and turn your console into the ultimate gaming experience.

Many people have never even heard of these new cards, and therefore have many questions. One is what are they? Well, these new gaming cards are adapters of sorts that allow for the maximization of various gadgets. By using the cards with some gaming consoles, you can enjoy extended features of your current gaming experience. These cards are normally used on consoles, such as the DS Lite, which can be used for several varying purposes, not just playing games.

These cards have great features that can totally revamp your overall gaming experience. Both the R4 and the R4i enhance the user experience with various devices. The cards can not only store game files, but also music and movies, making your gaming console into a whole new device. You can use the cards to download games online and then put them into your console to play. You can also download and transfer files from one console to another.

The main function of the cards is to enjoy a whole new level of gaming. These can be used to extend your playing functionality, such as by opening up new levels that the actual game cannot. You can download and store many different types of files for as long as you care to. You are sure to be able to find and download your favorite games with these cards, and this does away with the need for having tons of different games all on separate cards, as you can store various games on one R4 or R4i card.

As stated, these cards are not only beneficial for gaming. You can turn your gaming console into a boombox by storing music files and playing them on your console. You can also turn it into a mini theater by downloading and storing movies on the cards for watching via your gaming console. Also, you can browse various sites and download directly from the internet the types of files that you wish.

Because of the operability of these cards, it is necessary to purchase wisely. Not all cards are created equally, and not all cards will work with all gaming systems. You will need to know the model of your gaming console to be sure to purchase the right R4 or R4i card to best enhance your experience.

Also, it is important where you buy these cards, as well. For instance, it is much safer to purchase from your local gaming store, rather than over the internet. It is much safer to be able to speak face to face with someone that can look at your system and tell you exactly what type of card it is that you need to purchase. It is also advised to purchase a brand that is well known in order to gain the optimum benefit from your purchase.

R4i DS

The R4i is constantly developing, with constant updates from the r4i team you can also be certain that your R4i DS is up to date with the latest Nintendo firmware and will work flawlessly. The R4i can take a Micro SD or SDHC memory card for storing all the data you need, and with up to 32GB of data support that can be a huge amount of data.

For the Nintendo Dsi console there is no better device than the R4i. This simple little slot 1 device fits into the front of your console where you previously would have inserted game cards and opens up your Dsi or Dsi XL console to whole new range of function. You can now use your console to listen to music, watch movies, view photos and even read eBooks all of which are freely available of the internet. With the constant updates from the R4i team you can always be assured that your R4i will work with the latest firmware updates from Nintendo. The latest R4i now supports the latest firmware available for the Dsi and Dsi XL consoles.

Without a doubt after experiencing the full range fo features that the R4i brings to your console you will ask yourself how you ever did without. Built on the hugely successful R4 DS the R4i contains all the best features and technology as well as new improvements in build quality and user interface making it an excellent successor.

To transfer files onto the R4i DS you simply connect the Micro SD or SDHC to your PC's USB port using the included memory card reader, then simply use the 'click and drag' function on your PC to pick the files you want to store on your R4i for playback later.


R4i Revolution for DS or simply R4i is the advanced edition of the R4 DS flash cards series. It is an R4 clone that has one major upgrade over the R4DS SDHC.

Comparing R4i with R4DS SDHC, the latter may be compatible with SDHC but R4i Revolution for DS is still so much faster and stable. It is also supported by the R4i Team - a team of experts who have been in the flash card industry since the day it started.

Another great thing about R4i is that it supports different languages. It also plays movies, music, games and eBooks. It is also skinnable and it works great with Homebrew applications. Now, it also has a newly improved user interface. It features more intuitive icons for ease of operation. It also supports the SDHC standard; up to 32 GB in MicroSD TF form factor.

Since it is a known fact the R4 DS discontinued its operations and release of updates last June 2008, development of R4 DS Pro started November that year. So if R4 DS development & compatible with the card tends to lower each day; in R4i, it still has a long way to go!

With R4i Revolution for DS you can take advantage of the next generation of R4 Flash cards. It is currently regarded as the strongest one around.

R4i Features & Specifications

  • R4i supports SDHC cards.
  • R4i lets users change the menu language whenever without limit.
  • R4i has the same size as well as thickness of the original R4 card.
  • R4i doesn't require Flash. It has a built-in launch slot-2 for GBA functionalities.
  • R4i support DMA, FAT16 & FAT32 directly. There are no lag times when using different TF cards and files can be transferred to the PC, mobile phone, PDA & camera.
  • R4i supports clean ROM. It operates via Drag & Drop. It offers a fast loading capability.
  • R4i supports IDS & NDS games. Users can easily run IDS games on any Nintendo DS version.
  • R4i writes saved files to TF cards directly. There's no need for manual backups or to restore files.
  • R4i has the Auto Save type detection. There's no need to update the Save type list database.
  • R4i supports Homebrew & MoonShell.
  • R4i has a power saving design. It enters into optimization mode manually.
  • R4i has a double screen UI. It can support thumbnail displays of games. It also supports button & touch operations.
  • R4i has an easy setting and is effortless to use.
  • R4i supports WiFi, Rumble Package, change background for picture, change font color, bowser expansion, brightness adjust, AR cheat code, soft reset, downplay, DLDI auto patching and soft reset of MoonShell 1.6.
When you purchase the R4i Revolution for DS package, you will receive the R4DS Pro and a USB Micro SDHC reader.

With R4i, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite owners, users & gamers can view Nintendo gameplay in a different, more enticing as well as more enjoyable way.


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